July 2006 Special Issue of IJIMA (Int'l Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising) on "Experimental Research in e-Marketing",
edited by David Fortin and Paul Ballantine

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June 2006 Paper presented at the  ACR-Asia Conference in Sydney, Australia

"Measuring the Influence of Involvement and Other Contextual Variables on Interest and Selling Price in Online Auctions"

Justine C. Brown, Peter Rhodes, and David R. Fortin
May 2006
  • Pear Maneesoonthorn completes her PhD!  Congratulations from the Web-Lab group
  • Paper accepted for publication at the Journal of Mobile Marketing 
  • "Texting Behaviour and Attitudes Toward Permission Mobile Advertising:
    An Empirical Study of Mobile Users’ Acceptance of SMS for Marketing Purposes"
    InternatIonal Journal of MobIle MarketIng
    June 2006 • Vol. 1 no. 1
    Chadinee Maneesoonthorn and David Fortin
September 2005 Paper presented at the  Consumer Personality and Research Conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia
"Does brand personality extend to retail shopping environments? An empirical experiment using
D´Astous store personality scale in a Web-based CD music shop"

David Fortin, University of Canterbury, Dept. of Management, Canterbury, New Zealand
Stuart Clark, University of Canterbury, Dept. of Management, Canterbury, New Zealand
September 2004 Three new experiments added online:
  • Permission marketing
  • Social presence and ad position
  • Argument and colour effects

All completed now, thanks to all participants.  Winners to be announced shortly.

May 2004 One new survey on mobile phone usage in New Zealand.

Results will be presented at the 2004 ANZMAC conference in Wellington in December.

October 2003 Four new experiments added online, over 600 participants registered over a period of 6 days.  Experiments now closed, thanks to all who agreed to be involved.
June 2003 Matthew Walley and David Fortin present the results of an experiment on Online Auctions at the Int'l Research Seminar in Consumer Behaviour in Lalonde-les-Maures in France (IAE Aix-en-Provence).

Winner of "Best Paper Award" out of 35 papers presented.

15 October 2002 Good news! The Web-Lab Research Group receives funding from the University of Canterbury Internal Research Grants for three years starting 1 January 2003.

This support will allow the Group to expand its focus and to conduct new experiments for the 2003-2005 period. 

October 2002 New experiment on a travel site for New Zealand.  This experiment closed on 15 October 2002, thanks to all participants.
May/June 2002 David Fortin and Paul Ballantine are Track Chairs of the e-Commerce Track for the 2002 Academy of Marketing Science Conference in Florida, 29 May to 1 June 2002.  David and Paul are also conducting a special session on "Web Design and Interface issues" (see programme).

Michelle Renton and David Fortin are also presenting a paper on "Consumer Acceptance/Resistance to Genetically Modified Foods", a study conducted via the Web-lab portal.

April 2002 Dr Paul Ballantine graduated with his PhD from UC in April 2002 and is the first doctoral graduate associated with the Web-lab Project.  His thesis: "Examining the Role of Emotion as Mediator of Interface Design Effects in an Online Retail Setting" was conducted through the Web-lab research portal.

Paul is now lecturer in Marketing at the University of Auckland.  He is still a research associate of Web-lab and can be contacted at: p.ballantine@auckland.ac.nz

Well-done Paul and good luck with your new ventures.

September/October 2001

New study Online: Web site evaluation for an Electronics Retailer.

This experiment is now closed. Thanks to all participants (over 400) and congratulations to our two $50 prize draw winners.

August 2001

Two new online experiments will be available online between now and Xmas.  If you wish to receive an e-mail announcement for the next one, join our mailing list.

July 2001

David Fortin is back from sabbatical leave in Southern France from March to June 2001.

David is part of the Organizing Committee of the Experiential E-Commerce Conference, Sept 27-29 2001 at Michigan State University.

June 2001 David Fortin and Paul Ballantine will be Track Chairs of the e-Commerce Track for the 2002 Academy of Marketing Science Conference in Florida, 29 May to 1 June 2002.  Read the Call for Papers, submissions due 12 October 2001.

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