EMRG List of Working Papers - Management - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

EMRG Working Papers

EMRG-WP-99-01 - A Constructive Dual DP for a Reservoir Model with Correlation (PDF, 144 KB)


EMRG-WP-98-02 - Electricity Sector Reform in New Zealand: Lessons from the Last Decade

EMRG-WP-98-01 - An Integrated Energy and Reserve Market for New Zealand

EMRG-WP-97-03 - Stochastic Dynamic Programming Applied to Medium-term Reservoir Management: Utility Maximisation for a Cost Minimiser

EMRG-WP-97-02 - A. L. Kerr and E. G. Read (1997). Short-term Hydro Scheduling Using Integer Programming: Management and Modelling Issues(PDF, 98 KB)


EMRG-WP-97-01 - A. L. Kerr (1997). Hydro Scheduling Heuristics: Implementations of SAM and PI Heuristics in a Deterministic Integer Programming Framework, System/Data Descriptions, and GAMS Code Listing (PDF, 33K)


EMRG-WP-95-09 - Scenario Analysis Using a Noninferior Solution Set

EMRG-WP-95-08 - Optimal Scheduling of Hydro Stations: An Integer Programming Model (GAMS Model and Data)

EMRG-WP-95-07 - J. A. George, E. G. Read, R. E. Rosenthal, and A. L. Kerr (1995). Optimal Scheduling of Hydro Stations: An Integer Programming Model (PDF, 169 KB)


EMRG-WP-95-06 - The Evolution of New Zealand's Electricity Supply Structure

EMRG-WP-95-05 - Modelling Hydro Reservoir Operation in a Deregulated Electricity Market

EMRG-WP-95-04 - OR Modelling for a Deregulated Electricity Sector

EMRG-WP-95-03 - Using Mathematical Programming for Electricity Spot Pricing

EMRG-WP-95-02 - A Dispatch Based Pricing Model for the New Zealand Electricity Market

EMRG-WP-95-01 - Short Run Pricing in Electricity Markets

EMRG-WP-94-04 - Optimal Scheduling of Thermal Stations: A Structured Analytical Method (PDF, 120 KB)

EMRG-WP-94-03 - Pricing for Reserve Electricity Capacity to Meet Stochastic Contingencies

EMRG-WP-94-02 - Short Run Electricity Pricing in Competitive Electricity Markets

EMRG-WP-94-01 - Pricing for Reserve Capacity in a Competitive Electricity Market

EMRG-WP-93-01 - Optimal Pricing for Reserve Electricity Generation Capacity

EMRG-WP-92-01 - Implementation of Transmission Pricing Using a GAMS Model