EMRG list Recent Graduate Research - Management - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

EMRG - Recent Graduate Research

Theses in progress or under examination

  • P.Jackson
    Investment Risk and Generation Capacity in Restructured Electricity Markets.
  • E.Laing
    Project Management of Solar Energy Development Projects in the South Pacific.
  • I. Mahakalanda
    Analysis of Participant Behaviour in an Integrated Electricity-Water Market.
  • S. Starkey
    rban Water Scheduling: Enhancing Allocation with Price Based Mechanisms.

Completed Theses

  • R.Read
    Developing Alternative SCDDP Implementations for Hydro-Thermal Scheduling in New Zealand. MCom(2014)
  • J.Tipping
    The Analysis of Spot Price Stochasticity in Deregulated Wholesale Electricity Markets.  PhD(2007)
  • P.Stewart
    Inter-temporal Considerations for Supply Offer Development in Deregulated Electricity Markets.  PhD(2007)
  • B.Chakrabarti
    Optimal Reactive Power Management in Electric Power Systems. PhD(2004)
  • S.Batstone
    Aspects of Risk Management in Deregulated Electricity Markets. PhD(2003)
  • A.Kerr
    Stochastic Utility Maximising Dynamic Programming Applied to Medium-Term Reservoir Management. PhD(2003)
  • O.McCahon
    Non-inferior Set Scenario Analysis. PhD(2000)
  • A.Ward
    Reactive Power Pricing. ME(1999)
  • G.Bell
    Non-convex Network Models and Applications to Energy Modelling.  PhD(1998)
  • T.Scott
    Medium Term Simulation of a Competitive Electricity Market.  PhD(1997)
  • G.Drayton
    Competitive Electrical Power Dispatch Development.  PhD(1996)
  • B.Ring
    Short Term Pricing in Decentralised Power Systems.  PhD(1996)
  • M.Yang
    Dual Dynamic Programming for Reservoir Management with Correlated Inflows.  PhD(1995)
  • A.McGregor
    Dual Dynamic Programming: A Computational Study.  MSc(1991)

Completed Graduate Projects

  • R.Read
    Generalizing SPECTRA towards Multiple Reservoirs.  BSc(Hons)(2012)
  • J.Lau
    The Market Impact of Wind Integration in the New Zealand Energy System.  MEM(2010)
  • N.McSporran
    Representing River Chain Capabilities for Market Purposes. BCom(Hons)(2001)
  • T.Jones
    Electricity Demand-side Management at a Large Manufacturing Site. MEM(2000)
  • C.Jewell
    Technology Scenarios for the Electricity Industry. MEM(1997)
  • J.Lindsay
    Merger and Acquisition Strategy in the Electricity Sector.  MCom(1997)
  • J.Hyde
    Management of Energy Utilisation for Canterbury University. MEM(1996)
  • K.Papps
    Positioning Trans Power's Services.  MBA(1994)
  • A.Kahn
    Energy Efficiency Services for End-Users.  MBA(1993)