MSCI 680 - Management - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Honours Projects in Management Science

MSCI680 Course Information



Project Sponsor Information 2009






  • Capacity Modelling for Tegel Foods, Richard Bramley and Tim Steer.
  • A Screening Model for Prostate Cancer, Gareth Lawson and Gareth Pullar.
  • Location of Equipment for the New Zealand Fire Service, Luke Hannah and Scott Willson.
  • Overhead Charging and Costing for Carlton Taylor Industries, David Fyfe and Walter Tsai.
  • Intelligent Factory at Skellerup Industries, Karen Brohm.
  • A Coal Blending Optimisation Model for Solid Energy, Taryn Nicolle and Nicole Smith.







  • Improving the Throughput of a Printed Circuit Board Line for Tait's Electronics, Jenny Dawe and Nigel Matuschka.
  • Evaluating Efficiency Measurement for the Christchurch Hospital Maintenance Department, Tonille Crombie and Donald Oakly.
  • Understanding Student Movement for Elmwood Primary School, Natalie Blair and Tamzin Goldberg.
  • Evaluating the dTIMS Road Maintenance Strategy Package for Transfund New Zealand , Richmond Chong and Alan Thompson.
  • Understanding Fire Station Ownership Issues for the New Zealand Fire Service, Tracey Garnett and Chris Watson.


  • Packing of Containers for BICC Cables, Hamish Dean and Jonathan Baggaley.
  • Evaluating Transportation Projects for Transfund New Zealand , Ryan Callister, Bruce MacDonald and David Thompson.
  • Risk Analysis of Domestic Dwelling Fires for the New Zealand Fire Service, Stephen Bethune and Mark Stewart.


  • A Strategy for Complementary Cell Suppression, Rodney Butler and Andrew Rae.
  • Shift Scheduling at TimeMaster Systems, Andrew Gaeth and Iain Froud.
  • Location of Fire Stations within the Christchurch Area, Murray Hartley, Nadia Thompson and Alison Sommerville.
  • Production Cycle Times at Feltex Carpet Plant, Siau Pin Tjhia.


  • Inventory Control of Spare Parts at CWF Hamilton Jet, Jason Lyftogt, Peter Simpson and Duane Smith.
  • Labour Rostering at Lyttelton Port Company, Andrew Gormley and Adam Tankersley.
  • Fire Station Location Analysis, Simon Oliver and Oliver Spinks.


  • Costing Analysis of Neonatal Babies at Christchurch Women's Hospital, Sophie Ramsay and Kristine Stephen.
  • Quality Improvement on Purchased Parts for Simpson appliances Ltd., Richard Daines and Hock Song Lim.
  • International Network Capacity Expansion Planning for Telecom NZ International, Stephen Batstone and Sharyn Jones.
  • A SODA Analysis for Departmental Strategy, for the Department of Management, University of Canterbury, Connell Burke and William Lennon.


  • Hatchability Study for Southern Chicks Limited, Peter O'Brien and Peter Jackson.
  • Handicapping Study for New Zealand Harness Racing Society, Brett Graydon and Stuart Thompson.
  • Scheduling Policy at the University Printery, Andrew Shaw and Kelvin Johnson.


  • The Line Intersect Method in Forest Sampling, Gavin Bell and Andrew Kerr.
  • ANZ Bank's Telephone Enquiry Centre, Tony Ahern and Natasha Freeman.
  • Optimal Controlled Sampling for the Department of Statistics Business Survey, Guy Mullon, and Mark Wilson.
  • Flight-crew Scheduling for Mt Cook Airlines, Tim Jefferson and Craig Martyn.
  • Matching Patient Attributes to Resources for Nurse Maude, David Genet and Richard Moreham.
  • Metal Shop Trim Loss for Simpson Appliances, Andrew Eaves and Aaron Moore.


  • Materials Requirements Planning for Borden Filmpac, B. Sommerville.
  • Energy Management for Firestone (NZ) Ltd, C. Taylor and N. Elms.
  • Case Management Unit Efficiency Study for Nurse Maude Association, B. Francis.
  • Cheque Clearing Operations Study for ANZ Bank, Robert Anderson and Craig Murphie.