Rangitata Diversion Race Reliability Modeling MSCI Hons 2010

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Data Analysis




About the Authors


We would like to thank James Tipping and Peter Lilley of Trustpower for acting as project sponsors and the main source of information. Ben Curry, CEO of RDRML also deserves thanks for the time he has put aside to answer our many questions on the operation of the RDR. Lastly also to our supervisors Shane Dye and John Raffensperger who have provided help and guidance to us during the course of this project.


About the Authors

Chris Blackmore and Owen Warburton completed this Honours Project in pratial fulfilment of the requirements for Bachelor of Commerce with Honours degree in Management Science. Chris is currently in his sixth year of study at the University of Canterbury, having completed a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a Bachelor of Commerce in Management Science, now focusing on Operations Research. Owen Warburton is currently in his fourth year of study having completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Management Science. Both Owen and Chris are moving into the workforce in 2011 to work in various Operations Research related fields.



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Owen Warburton and Chris Blackmore, University of Canterbury Management Department 2010