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Objectives for the Project

  1. Provide a Simulation within SIMUL8.

    The major contribution to General Cable will be a detailed simulation model with which the effects of the changing organisation of the factory or characteristics of the machinery and products within the factory can be explored The model itself is designed to be extremely valuable to the client, both during the project and in future decision making. In the future, it will help with bringing additional information to make their decisions.

  2. Provide an evaluation of expected future Factory Layouts

    Conduct an analysis of the future state of the Factory they are heading towards and identify possible improvements or alternative layouts.

  3. Identify some potential areas for Attention

    Detail areas that may require attention of the managers now or in the future. This includes information that could assist General Cable in reaching their objectives of work-in-progress reduction or making improvements to the current operations in the plant. Identification of the current bottlenecks, capacity of work centres and ‘what-if’ scenario evaluations could prove valuable to the Managers of the Flexibles Factory.