The results of the trial confirmed that there is definitely potential for improving the current catching performance measures.

The analysis performed with the VAS Tool suggests the biggest performance gains can be achieved by replacing the current 26-module truck with a 22-module truck and a loader. For Tegel, this decision would mean incurring the high purchasing cost of $110,000 for an additional loader plus maintenance costs. Yet in return, Tegel should expect up to a 54% reduction in plant idle time.

The second best option to improve performance, is to purchase an additional 15 modules. This would cost Tegel $5,000 per module plus maintenance costs. The additional modules should reduce plant idle time by approximately 20%.

Although the first option causes the most improvement, it will be achieved at a higher cost. Given that the exact current occurrence of idle time is unknown, exact figures on savings cannot be determined. If Tegel were to carry out an investigation they could calculate the current occurrence of plant idle time. This would enable them to estimate potential reductions in idle time from implanting the proposed changes. This could be performed by extrapolating the reduction in plant idle time from the proportional decrease we have forecasted for the resource changes.