Ed Campion
Department of Management
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
Ph: +64 3 981 8841
Mobile: 021 672 798
email: ed.campion@paradise.net.nz



I am currently completing my honours year in MS/OR toward a B.Com (hons) having completed a B.Sc., majoring in Management Science/Operations Research. 


I am a motivated, focussed person, with an aptitude for problem solving and analytical thinking, as well as a high degree of computer literacy – including the ability to learn new packages in short periods.   I also have good teamwork and leadership skills, with leadership experience both in the social arena (as a former Director of Christchurch Harley Owners Group), and in business (owning and operating five taxis, and serving on the Board of Directors of Blue Star Taxis).


I am a very self-disciplined person who enjoys responsibility, with considerable experience in unmonitored positions and decision-making.  I have an easy-going, friendly personality, with an ability to relate to a wide range of people, and I feel comfortable in most situations.


The University of Canterbury Honours Management Science course is a rigorous, 9 month course involving both classwork and real-life analysis.  This course involves performing many presentations, and as a result I have become comfortable with presenting to an audience.  As part of the Honours course, I am involved in a consulting-style project with a local firm.  With the aid of a fellow student, we provide around 500 hours of analysis and advice, using a variety of Operations Research techniques.  Details of the course we undertake as part of the Honours programme can be found here (link to MSCI page)


I invite you to view my Curriculum Vitae


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