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Operations and Supply Chain Management

What is Operations and Supply Chain Management?

Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM) is concerned with the design, planning and management of all facilities, processes and activities required to transform resources into goods and services within and between organisations. Operations management is applicable to all types of organisations including manufacturers, retailers, hospitals, tourism sector, banks and even many clubs and non-profit organisations..

Why study Operations and Supply Chain Management?

Operations managers control more than seventy percent of organisational resources – people, money, materials, and buildings – used in manufacturing or in providing services. Therefore to be competitive in global markets, it is important that these resources are used efficiently and effectively. The efficient and effective management of these resources requires the kinds of skills and knowledge provided in OSCM courses inclusive of: 

  • The ability to analyse a complex real-life situation using appropriate operations management  techniques;
  • The ability to make sound recommendations from this analysis, taking into consideration organisational constraints, underlying assumptions and consequences of proposed solution;
  • The ability to communicate recommendations and solutions effectively to the appropriate people.

Successful operations managers also need knowledge of marketing, human resource management, and finance. Students of other disciplines, such as marketing, human resource management, finance and engineering, often take courses in this area to broaden their education and enhance the prospect of progress in their subsequent careers..

Careers in Operations and Supply Chain Management

The BCom major in Operations and Supply Chain Management provides graduates with the skills and understanding to enable them to function as, for example, Supply Chain Managers, Production Planners, Operations Managers, Quality Managers, Project Managers, Procurement Managers, Business Analysts and Management Consultants. Many graduates are expected to rise to senior management levels.

BCom Major in Operations and Supply Chain Management

Details of the B.Com major in Operations and Supply Chain Management can be found on http://www.bsec.canterbury.ac.nz/for/undergraduate/operations_management_major.shtml



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